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February 29, 2024

Pumpkins, pies and hayrides: Fall for Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

By MICHELLE LIMPE | November 2, 2021



Limpe and her closest friends were able to enjoy a refreshing day out at Weber's Cider Mill Farm. 

Fall is finally here.

Lately, as the air grows chillier, I’ve been immensely enjoying the fall weather during my brief trips to campus for either my weekly COVID-19 test or one in-person class; I love watching the trees’ hues gradually shift from shades of green to warm tones of browns, yellows and oranges. However, with fall break taken away from us, it felt like we needed to schedule a break of our own to appreciate the changing season, which is why my friends and I decided to visit Weber’s Cider Mill Farm.

When one thinks of fall, the first images that may come to mind include apple pies, pumpkin spiced lattes, hayrides and cozy nights. Places like Weber’s Cider Mill Farm capture both the energy and atmosphere of this comforting season. 

Known as the oldest cider mill in continuous use in Maryland, Weber’s Cider Mill Farm has been passed down through four generations of the Weber family. Located a short 20 to 30 minutes from campus, the family-owned farm offers an escape away from the busyness of college life through nature and fall beauty. From hayrides to pumpkin patches, the farm seemed to have all of the typical fall activities that are often showcased in movies and shows. My friends and I purchased tickets early on because we saw that they were selling out fast on its website

Once we arrived at the farm, the blue skies and smell of pumpkins and apples reminded us once again of why fall is our favorite season. Before we even entered the main area with activities, known as the Barnyard, we were already greeted by the sublime sights of mountains of pumpkins and pies, as well as baby goats running around in enclosed spaces. Because we went on a Sunday, there was a significant number of families and their children running around the different attractions, which included a straw maze, gem mining, face painting, hay sliding and many more. 

There was even a Boo Barn that advertised itself as a haunted house experience for kids, which we also tried out, but it may be better to check out some of the other, more terrifying haunted houses in Baltimore instead. Even if most of the attractions were meant for children, there was still plenty to do for visitors of all ages. 

Of course, at a farm, an important highlight is the food! There were various food trucks that appealed to our rumbling stomachs when we arrived at noon, providing us with a selection of Maryland’s famous crabcakes to comfort foods like pizza and chicken tenders. More invitingly, Weber’s famous homemade apple ciders, doughnuts and pies were made fresh and sold from the farm’s own kitchens, and we excitedly stood in line to buy their products for ourselves. As we took our first sips of our Apple Cider Slushies, the stresses of midterms and projects melted away, so we were able to enjoy the farm as much as possible.

After grabbing a quick meal of pizza and apple cider while being serenaded by the live music performances at the Barnyard, we eagerly joined the line to the hayride. Though just a short trip around the farm and some of the apple orchards, the hayride made us feel like children again as we rose higher to see a beautiful overview of the entire farm. Afterward, since it was getting late and we were still college students with impending midterms, we spent the remaining time having our own mini-photoshoot surrounded by pumpkins of all sizes. The pumpkin patch area in particular provided the perfect fall “aesthetic” to fit the new season and take hundreds of memorable group and solo photos.

Aside from Weber’s main Cider Mill Farm, Weber’s Peachberry Farm, located almost 5 miles away, gives visitors the chance to pick their own apples and enjoy the fall air as well. Those who are interested can pick their own time slots to visit the farm.

Before we left, we bought bags of Apple Cider Doughnuts to share with others back on campus to continue spreading the joy and cheer of the season. So if you have time, treat yourself to a much-deserved break and head to Weber’s Cider Mill Farm to enjoy the crisp autumn air and fill your taste buds with the sweet apple and pumpkin-flavored treats of fall!

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