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June 22, 2024

SGA meets to discuss MSE renovations and Sex Week

By MIN-SEO KIM | October 1, 2021



Several SGA members complained about outdated library facilities and recommended updates.

The Student Government Association (SGA) met on Tuesday to discuss the redesign of Milton S. Eisenhower Library (MSE), a bill to fund Sex Week and a letter from the administration.

COVID-19 warning from administration

SGA also discussed a draft letter from Student Affairs regarding COVID-19 social distancing in the dining halls. 

  • The University expressed concern over behavior such as socializing unmasked, rearranging chairs and sitting near other students less than 6 feet apart. 
  • The letter emphasized that social distancing protocols are in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and that continued failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in dining options converting fully to grab-and-go.
  • SGA members present discussed whether or not to affix SGA’s name to the document but ended up not deciding on any course of action for it.

Library redesign

Vice Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences Christopher Cannon, who is also co-chair of the working committee overseeing the renovation of MSE, came to the meeting to listen to the concerns and wishes of the SGA members present regarding improvements to the library. 

  • A common wish among SGA members was updated furniture in the library. Junior Senator JiWon Woo said, “The cubicles in MSE are outdated, and the chairs are just not doable. They’re really old, the cushions are gone, and just making the cubicle a little bit nicer and changing the chairs would increase the comfort for the students.”
  • Some expressed the need for more individual and common group study spaces, particularly since Brody is often a social space too. They also requested a more welcoming ambiance, noting the lack of sunlight in the lower levels and the dull color palette.
  • Others discussed a lack of modern accommodations necessary for a digital environment, such as reliable wifi and enough electrical outlets. According to Sophomore Senator Raj Bhatt,  “The wifi does not work below certain levels, even M-level. It’s shoddy at best. The electrical outlets are iffy; a lot of them you’ll put [the plug] in and they’ll just fall out.”

Sex Week funding 

SGA hosts Sex Week annually to encourage sexual awareness and body positivity. The bill would provide funding for this event. 

  • Sex Week was supposed to happen last year; however, things didn’t go according to plan, as the items given out were changed to gift cards without getting approval from the Finance Committee.
  • As a result, the organizers found out only after the fiscal deadline that gift cards were no longer allowed. Bhatt apologized for the misstep and pledged to never let something like it happen again.
  • The items given out are from Sugar, a local sex shop in Baltimore. Bhatt said, “[The event] is supporting a local business here in Baltimore.”
  • The bill passed unanimously.

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