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February 29, 2024

Humans of Hopkins: Claire

Claire, Class of 2025, is a Neuroscience major from Philadelphia.

By SAMUEL CRANKSHAW and RUKAN SAIF | October 2, 2021



Meet Claire, Class of 2025, studying Neuroscience.

“It’s a lot more free and less structured than high school, I would say. I feel like I do a lot of things according to my own time and desires, rather than having to stick to a strict daily schedule.”

“I’ve been to Hampden, The Charmery was good. I got vanilla, but I added Oreos and chocolate syrup to it because they didn’t have cookies and cream. I think next time I’ll try one of their unique flavors. The campus itself is very similar to suburban life, but once you start heading out into Baltimore, it’s very busy. I haven’t really been around a lot; I have to find a bigger group. Once I find people to do that with, I think it’ll be really nice to explore.”

“I know for some people it’s harder. For me specifically, I feel like we’re easing into it pretty well. I’m taking Chem, Calc II, Foundations of Brain Behavior & Cognition, Intro to Bioethics. I also have a Hopkins Engineering & Research Tutorials [HEART] class, which is like an engineering thing. This one specifically is about engineering rehabilitation of neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s, strokes, things like that. So far we’ve just been doing lectures, but starting next week we’re starting a project. Depending on what you picked, you can go to the medical school to do a hands-on project there, or you can do an online thing. Of course I opted for the medical school one.”

“People are really friendly here. It’s easy to talk to people and get to know others. I don’t feel like anyone’s very cliquey or will reject you from talking to them; everyone’s really open. It’s a really nice community here. I was worried about coming to college and being friendless, but I think everyone else is in the same position, so it makes it easy to get to know people.”

“There was an issue with signing up for clubs. The system just didn’t work, and I didn’t get to really get a good look at all the clubs. I thought I would be able to come back and look at them over again, but they were not really readily available. I would make that more accessible. I was thinking about joining an art club. I did find something that involves art; it’s called Believe in Art. I think the general idea is that students use art as a way to help others, whether it’s in a hospital or retirement home or some group of people. The idea is to get people to participate.”

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