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April 16, 2024

Artists and athletes, scientists and scholars, hailing from across the world and just around the corner, the members of the Class of 2025 are bringing plenty of interesting perspectives to Hopkins. Here is a quick introduction to some of the new faces you might see around campus this fall.

Resham Talwar 

Resham Talwar is a Biomedical Engineering major from New Delhi, India. Hopkins was always Talwar’s top choice, and she was drawn to the University for its abundant research opportunities and flexible curriculum. After interacting with approachable and welcoming students, professors and communities, she knew for sure that Hopkins was the place for her.

This summer, Talwar prepared for college life by connecting with fellow members of the Class of 2025 and making a college checklist. She also spent this summer preparing for the transition between India and the U.S., recognizing the cultural and academic differences between the two countries.

Talwar is excited about the people and opportunities that await her at Hopkins.

“I hope I can develop a strong network and a community of people who can teach me so much more about the world and build an environment of mutual trust and compassion toward not just each other but the community at large,” she said.

Emma Anderson

Emma Anderson, another Biomedical Engineering major, is from Palatine, Ill.

Anderson has played soccer her entire life, and she also loves hiking and cycling. Other hobbies include playing clarinet, reading, cooking with her sisters and exploring new places with her friends.

Anderson stayed busy this summer, conducting research at the University of Southern California’s Biomechanics Research Lab. While there, she and her lab performed data analysis for track and field athletes during the Olympic trials.

“Learning how to use digitizing software and expanding my programming knowledge was an extremely rewarding experience,” she said. “It was also amazing to get to provide feedback to the athletes and coaches and then watch those same athletes compete in Tokyo.”

Anderson is looking forward to the research opportunities at Hopkins as well, and she is particularly interested in performing research at the medical campus. Anderson is also looking forward to meeting her fellow classmates.

“I am also excited to meet such a diverse, driven and welcoming group of peers who will push me to be the best version of myself,” she said.

Manas Joshi 

Manas Joshi is a Public Health and Writing Seminars major from Long Island, N.Y. Like Talwar and Anderson, he was interested in Hopkins for its research focus but also likes the deep-rooted humanities that the University has to offer.

Joshi stayed busy this past summer volunteering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Las Vegas to help with COVID-19 relief. In his free time, Joshi likes to listen to podcasts, play basketball, run and write.

Joshi values the personal connections he will make during his next four years at Hopkins.

“[I’m looking forward to] cultivating relationships with peers and professors,” he said.

Nasreen Naqvi

Nasreen Naqvi is a Molecular and Cellular Biology major from right in Baltimore. 

Naqvi loves to explore Maryland’s nature sites and parks and took her love of nature on the road this summer. She spent a weekend at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, she also safely took trips to Dallas and Cancún, Mexico.

Along with its close proximity to home, Naqvi decided on Hopkins for its diverse community, and she looks forward to having insightful conversations with her peers.

“I fell in love with the academic culture that is facilitated at Hopkins and am looking forward to being motivated by the ambition and desire to pursue knowledge of my peers,” she said.

Anika Mistry

Anika Mistry is a Computer Science and Cognitive Science major from Santa Cruz, Calif. For Mistry, when she visited Homewood Campus this past year, she instantly realized that it felt like home.

“I had the opportunity to see JHU’s vibrant campus, even amongst a pandemic, and get unbiased answers from students,” she said.

Mistry spent this past summer pursuing some of her most favorite activities and interests. Mistry is passionate about music, and along with creating niche Spotify playlists, she set a goal to listen to a new album every week this summer. In addition, while in high school, Mistry led the construction team for a 5,000 square foot haunted house that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This summer, she helped recruit a new construction manager and train them before she left for college.

After attending a small high school with little variety in classes and teachers, Mistry is looking forward to being in an environment that allows her to explore new topics. Mistry also recognizes how challenging finishing up high school in the middle of a pandemic was and how it helped her grow and prepare for college life.

“It made me realize the importance of connections and taught me how I can stay connected with people even when I might not see them every day — an important life skill now that I’m moving across the country for college,” she said.

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