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February 26, 2024

What was the best class you took at Hopkins?

May 27, 2021

“Structure of the Nervous System, because Dr. Hendry is an absolute legend and an amazing teacher who really cares about his students.”
-Nicholas Malloy, Neuroscience

“I loved Prof. Jilene Chua's Power and Pleasure in Asian America: Race and Law in Culture because she is an amazing and caring instructor, and the course content was really engaging and relevant! I had never taken a course on Asian American history before.”
-Angel Zhao, History and International Studies

“Introduction to Moral Philosophy, with Dr. Bok. Definitely made me think about what it means to be a "good person," without necessarily ascribing to an established moral standard.”
-Brandon Park, Psychological & Brain Sciences

“Oral Presentations. You had to give a presentation every single week to develop your public speaking skills. Honestly it was like hell sometimes and so stressful but the professor was amazing and I greatly improved my public speaking skills by giving lots of presentations and reflecting on them. It’s probably the class from which I’ve gotten the most practical value.”
-Diego Tanton, Molecular Biology and Philosophy

“Any course in the program for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality! In my minor courses, I was able to place my literature and writing courses in concert with other disciplines such as sociology, history and philosophy, to name a few.”
-Lillian Kim, English and Writing Seminars

“Community-Based Learning: Teaching Creative Writing in Baltimore Schools because it applied creative writing to real life and taught me about the history and legacies of structural racism in the city.”
-Rudy Malcom, Writing Seminars

“Human Sexuality with Dr. Kraft because we talked about real life and relevant topics and he was always willing to listen to students.”
-Cate Turner, Psychology and Writing Seminars


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