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February 29, 2024

What advice do you have for next year’s incoming freshmen?

May 27, 2021

“You will get to where you need to be in your own time! Don't compare yourself with others, which is often easier said than done as Hopkins students love to keep busy and get involved in many clubs. But rather accept where you are and realize you are at Hopkins for a reason.”
-Angel Zhao, History and International Studies

“Don't panic. You have a whole dang load of time to figure it all out.”
-Nicholas Malloy, Neuroscience

“I was really scared to put myself out there, and I really regret not making use of the resources that Hopkins has to offer sooner. Don’t be scared! Everyone wants you to succeed and is there to help you. Your RAs, TAs, professors, advisors and counselors are your greatest resource!”
-Lillian Kim, English and Writing Seminars

“Do not compare yourself with others and don’t follow other people’s footsteps. Be you.”
-Yanni Gu, Neuroscience and German

“Challenge yourself to meet people and form connections, even if you are an introvert. It will pay off later.”
-Diego Tanton, Molecular Biology and Philosophy

“Do activities that you’re interested in with others. It’s a great way to meet people. For example, cooking, sports, biking, hiking...”
-Ben Straus, Biomedical Engineering

“Learn how to say no, but say yes as often as you can.”
-Olivia Brown, Computer Science and International Studies

“Everyone looks like they’re having more fun than you freshman year, but they’re not. It’s a tough time for everyone!”
-Cate Turner, Psychology and Writing Seminars

“You can still have fun and meet friends without being stupid and breaking the University's COVID safety guidelines.”
-Brandon Park, Psychological & Brain Sciences


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