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January 17, 2021

Athlete of the Week: Emily Maheras

By SIMONE BLISS | September 19, 2019


The Hopkins women’s soccer team extended their win streak to three games this past weekend with a 2-0 victory against the Rowan University Profs, improving their record to 5-1-1 for the season. Currently ranked No. 6 in the nation by the United Soccer Coaches poll, the Jays don’t show signs of stopping any time soon. 

In particular, senior midfielder Emily Maheras has stood out as a crucial element of the team’s success. For the fourth game in a row this season, Maheras has put a goal on the board for the Jays. These four goals and another from the first game of the season leave her just one goal shy of her career-high six goals from last season.

The 2018 First Team All-Region player spoke with The News-Letter about how the team has come to find their success, her expectations for the season and her senior legacy.

The News-Letter: You’ve scored in all but two games this season and are currently on a four-game streak. How have you or the team been able to find or create these opportunities each game?

Emily Maheras: Our team has created a lot of opportunities offensively by starting the game strong against every team that we play. The high pressure that we’ve been putting on teams from the start of the game has allowed us to take control offensively and diminish the confidence of our opponents right off the bat. Additionally, our strength and skill up top has allowed us to take risks and play more creatively this year, which has led us to consistently outshoot our opponents so far this season. 

N-L: Not only are you guys 5-1-1, but also, all your wins this season have been shutouts except one. How have you guys worked in practice to develop such an iron-clad defense?

EM: The defense has done a great job so far this season, and many of our practices have been focused on developing the back line. Our centerbacks have taken a lot of leadership on the field which has led to much of our success defensively. Because we have such a strong and skilled defensive line, our team has focused on pressing our opponents quickly and not giving them any time on the ball. This has helped us to not concede many goals so far this season. 

N-L: Going into your senior season, what do you hope to accomplish?

EM: Going into my senior season, I have high expectations for my team. I really believe that our team has the best chemistry and determination out of all of my years here, and I’m excited to see where it takes us. I would like for the team to continue to play consistently and confidently each game, which will hopefully lead to winning both the Conference and the National Championship. 

N-L: What’s been your favorite memory of your career so far?

EM: I can’t choose a favorite memory in my collegiate career so far — so many have been good both on and off the field, and I’m incredibly grateful that I get to play this sport with my best friends every day. With that said, I’m extremely confident that we’re going to make some of the best memories on the field this year. 

N-L: What would you like your legacy to be, and what do you hope to pass on to your younger teammates?

EM: Ever since I was little, my dad has encouraged me to get better “every single day and in every single way” by practicing on my own. This might sound silly, but it has always reminded me that work ethic is something that you can always control and is more important on the field than athleticism or skill. Once I’m done playing, I would like to pass on my passion, intensity and love for the game to my younger teammates.

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