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June 22, 2024

Sophomores reflect on the best parts of freshman year

By WILL EDMONDS | August 31, 2019

“I really liked spring semester as a whole. You’ll hear a lot of older students telling you that second semester is better than the first. They’re right. First semester is cool because you get introduced to a bunch of new and amazing people, but it’s also difficult because of all the adjusting. Second semester is better because there’s lots to look forward to: Greek life, lacrosse season, the freshman formal, and of course Spring Fair! Even if you’re not into sports or stereotypical Greek life (like me) you should definitely still look into all the opportunities: things are definitely different at Hopkins.” -Sylvana Schaffer, sophomore

“My favorite experience of freshman year was in spring semester. It was in April and it was one of the first truly warm and sunny days of the year. Lots of people were on the Beach enjoying themselves and I sat with my friends having a great time. Classes were winding down and finals were approaching, but in the moment everyone was having a great time.” -Mario Aguirre, sophomore

“My favorite experience as a freshman at Hop was the midterm watch party. It was exciting because it brought people across the political aisle together in a civil manner. Also, I had a five minute conversation with University President Ronald J. Daniels and Provost Sunil Kumar about politics which was pretty exciting.” -Leland Held, sophomore

“My best times at Hopkins during my freshman year were spent at the various quads chilling with friends in the periods between classes, sitting on the chairs. The campus is so beautiful, especially during the spring and fall, so it’s so nice to sit out in the sun and take in those moments on our stunning campus.” -Mary Sulavik, sophomore 

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