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August 16, 2022

The best of Baltimore’s nearby jogging locations

By NATALIE WU | March 28, 2019



Cherry trees in Guilford neighborhood, one of Wu’s favorite jogging locations.

It’s that time of year again. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and winter-exhausted students are looking for fun outdoor activities to do.

Of course, the Hopkins grind always continues, so one can never stray too far from campus. That’s why I want to share my favorite places to jog or walk near Homewood. As a general tip, I’d recommend going during the daylight hours.


Guilford neighborhood is a historic neighborhood located on the intersection of University Parkway and North Charles Street, right across from the entrance of University One Condominiums. This cozy neighborhood has a small park, full of cherry trees, where families frequently come to picnic or play sports. 

The neighborhood hosts gorgeous red-brick houses, designed by some of the finest Baltimore architects in the 20th century, and beautiful beds of flowers.

What I especially love about Guilford is that it’s one of the only places you can find peace and quiet in an otherwise busy, bustling college town. I regularly jogged there my freshman year, and I would encounter a maximum of four or five people each time. The neighborhood is especially close and accessible for those living in Wolman, McCoy or Rogers House.

Wyman Park Dell

Wyman Park Dell is great for those living further down the south end of campus. It’s across the street from 7/11, the LaB and Homewood Apartments.

The entrance at the intersection of Art Museum Drive and N. Charles Street is a bit hidden. You have to walk down a short flight of stone stairs to get to a well-shaped park at the bottom. The area is surrounded by trees, and boasts a playground for small children. Dog walkers often visit the park, especially on the weekend afternoons, and they’re more than happy to let you play with their cuddly companions!

For stressed out college students in need of a break, Wyman Park Dell is a great place to go. Its four-legged regulars are a great stress reliever.

Stony Run Trail

I’ve saved the best for last. Stony Run Creek is widely regarded as a natural gem of Baltimore. It has a fascinating history spanning all the way back to the 19th century. Immerse yourself in the local flora and fauna, and enjoy the greenery it has to offer. 

Stony Run has been the subject of several restoration projects by government and community organizations. These projects have helped both the creek’s ecosystem and its human admirers. It’s quite common for school classes, joggers and fishers alike to visit the trail. While there’s no official entrance, there are several ways to enter. You can take the trail right next to Olin Hall, down the hill from Hodson Hall or near the Carlyle Apartments on the north end of campus. 

In my opinion, spring is all about enjoying the outdoors and nature. I think it’s especially important for college students to find an escape from the dreary walls of Brody, take a breath of fresh air and find some serenity in Baltimore’s parks and trails.

Nothing is more iconic than Maryland’s blossoming cherry trees or rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. A community’s natural heritage is part of its history, and experiencing it brings me a bit closer to the city I call my second home.

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