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February 6, 2023

J-Cards are accessible on students’ cell phones

By TRISHA PARAYIL | March 28, 2019

The University announced on Thursday that it will offer students the option to add their campus identification cards, J-Cards, to their Apple Wallet. Students can now use their iPhones or Androids in any instance where they would traditionally use their J-Card.

The digital ID can be used to print documents at the library and to pay for laundry. It can also be used to shop at the University bookstore and local off-campus businesses which accept J-Cash. 

Local businesses which will accept payment through the digital ID include Chipotle, CVS and Eddie’s. 

In a press release sent to The News-Letter, Vice Provost for Student Affairs Kevin Shollenberger expressed his excitement that the digital ID will improve the student experience on Homewood Campus. 

“Offering a digital ID option reflects our continuing commitment to enhance the services provided to students,” the press release read. “We are excited about this and look forward to seeing students using phones to get into residence halls, for dining, and to buy things at area businesses.”

According to the press release, Hopkins is the fifth university in the country to offer this option to students. 

To add their J-Card to their Apple Wallet, students must update their eAccounts Mobile app and login. With a click of a button, the student’s J-Card will be added to Apple Wallet. 

The students’ J-Card credentials on the app are protected by two-factor authentication. Students log in with their JHED and then input a login code that is sent to their registered cellphone. 

Students who opt to add their J-Card to Apple Wallet can place the top of their phone near the J-Card reader just as they would with a physical card. The University uploaded a Youtube video that explains the process of updating the app and how to use it. 

Sophomore Christine Cho is eager to use the digital version of the J-Card. She believes that the app will be more convenient than the plastic cards. 

“Switching J-Cards to be on Apple Wallet will be a great convenience to the entire student body since most students always have their phones on them. With this change students won’t have to worry about forgetting their J-Cards,” she said. 

Like Cho, sophomore Lizzie Chiang believes that the digital ID will be useful. 

“I haven’t tried Apple Wallet yet, but I will definitely use it for the digital ID,” she said. 

J-Card in Apple Wallet works with the iPhone 6 and later models, as well as any Apple Watch Series. Students with Androids will also be able to use this program, even without access to Apple Wallet.

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