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October 20, 2021

Take a study break: How to enjoy fall in Baltimore

October 25, 2018


Sipping a warm drink from Dooby’s at Peabody is a perfect way to relax.

At this point in the semester, you’re probably settling into the classic Hopkins hibernation cycle: moving exclusively from Brody to your dorm room as the essays, problem sets and cold weather set in.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you not to study. But there are plenty of places to go in Baltimore for a great study break, and they’re best enjoyed in the fall. And yes — a lot of them involve delicious food! Here’s The News-Letter staff’s best recommendations for the season.

“Visiting The Avenue in Hampden is one of my favorite places to go year-round, but there’s something special about going in the fall. The already colorful buildings seem brighter thanks to the changing leaves and fall foliage. There is tons to do from shopping at vintage/second-hand stores and chic boutiques, to dining at cute cafes and quirky restaurants.

My favorite places to go are Golden West Cafe, which has a mix of Americana and Tex-Mex inspired food with wonderfully eclectic décor to boot, and The Charmery, Hampden’s famous ice cream place which has tons of fall flavors like ‘Brown Bread’ and ‘Earl Gray Gingersnap.’”

– Sofia Verheyen, for The News-Letter

“Lexington Market is one of the oldest indoor markets in the country, and it’s located right here in Baltimore. It’s been around since 1782 and is easily accessible via metro or bus. Be sure to check out the award-winning jumbo lump crab cakes from Faidley’s, which has been mentioned on the Food Network and Travel Channel. It’s the best crab cake I’ve tasted. Connie’s Chicken and Waffles is also amazing if you want homey, sweet and savory comfort food!”

– Kelsey Ko, Editor-in-Chief

“A great way to escape the chilly fall weather is to attend the free concerts at Peabody. It’s only a 15-minute JHMI ride away, so it’s totally worth it! While you’re there, you can explore Mount Vernon. You can even make an evening of it and eat dinner at one of the yummy restaurants in the area!”

– Trisha Parayil, Staff Writer

“Technically you can go anytime of year, but there’s something comforting about visiting Papermoon Diner as fall takes over for summer. The eccentric (and delicious) restaurant knows how to make comfort food that perfectly fills you up on a slightly chilly day. I always turn to their endless omelette options and haven’t gone wrong yet! Another good reason to go before the cold really hits? Papermoon’s milkshakes are amazing. Honestly, it’s even worth getting them in the dead of winter if you’re there. Fall is the best time, though, right after eating a warm, cozy meal.”

– Ariella Shua, Your Weekend editor

“Fall was my favorite season when I was living in Korea, so when fall hits in Baltimore, I tend to get more homesick. One of the ways I cope with homesickness is eating Korean food. I like Jong Kak in Station North, but I’m also trying to eat Korean food at home — particularly hot soups and kimchi, which are integral to Korean meals. I also like going to Asian supermarkets like H-Mart or Great Wall.”

– Sarah Y. Kim, Opinions Editor

“When fall comes around, my go-to cup is a Zeke’s Coffee Market Blend. Their roastery is in the city and serves coffee and food, but the beans they churn out are glorious and have become a staple of my morning routine. Fueled by Zeke’s!”

– Jesse Wu, Staff Writer

“I love going to Hampden’s Charmery for Halloween! They have special flavored ice cream fit for the season. I also enjoy walking through restaurants in Hampden at night, and the streets are usually lit with pretty lights.”

– Jeanne Lee, Cartoons Editor

“On a brisk Saturday morning, there’s nothing better than getting off of the JHMI at Peabody, walking down to Dooby’s to grab a warm drink and then bringing it back to a quiet spot in the stacks. The ambience will give even midterm season a little extra dash of charm.”

– Katherine Logan, Voices Editor

“There is nothing quite like lying on the grass on Shriver Quad with some friends. As Hopkins students, we always have something to do, somewhere to be. Last weekend a friend of mine from out of town came to visit. Seeing Homewood Campus through another person’s eyes allowed me to appreciate what I had taken for granted. And for the first time in a while I took a few hours to just relax and enjoy the scenery while lying on the grass and looking at the sky.”

– Anna Gordon, Staff Writer

“Nothing beats going for a walk on a fall day: the air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy and the trees are gorgeous. I love taking a stroll to the Harwood neighborhood, where several houses are adorned with handcrafted butterfly mosaics. It’s beautiful how people express pride for their community.” 

– Morgan Ome, Editor-in-Chief

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