Fashion Trends perfect for Spring Fair

By TANYA WONGVIBULSIN | April 19, 2018

Spring Fair is the one weekend on the Hopkins campus where you can truly enjoy yourself with good food, drinks and music. If you want to be appropriately dressed but to also stand out from the crowd, I’ve compiled a list of spring fashion and beauty trends fresh from the music festival scene that will definitely help ensure that you’re Instagram ready at any moment. 

This year’s music festival hair trend is all about the space buns (think Princess Leia). You can do a half or full space bun, or you can even French braid your hair before wrapping it to add a more detailed element to the look. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, I recommend using temporary hair color chalk for an even bolder, more unique look. 

Why not shine at Spring Fair? Many of your fave celebs attended Coachella last weekend blinged out in glitter. They used it in their makeup looks, with some even covering their shoulders, chests and hair to help them shine in the crowd. 

Another spring fashion trend that has been spotted on many female models and celebrities is bodysuits paired with sheer maxi skirts. If you want to highlight your legs and get a little tan during Spring Fair, this is the look for you.

The crop top and sports bra styled with a pair of high waisted cargo pants is another look that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Wear chunky sneakers or boots with this outfit to channel a sexy yet cool vibe. 

Hats and shades are a must during Spring Fair. Stand out from the rest of the pack with sunglasses with smaller frames or colored lenses, or dress up your outfit with a baker boy hat or a fedora. These accessories can imbue a simple outfit with so much personality. 

Spring Fair is the perfect time to wear body chains. Depending on your personal preferences and style, this can range from more subtle, thin gold or silver chains to larger statement pieces. This is a fun trend to experiment with, but you can also adapt it to your existing aesthetic. 

If you are like me and get cold very easily, I recommend bringing a denim jacket with you, preferably one with embroidery, fringe or a fun print to give your look a little extra spark. 

They are perfect for spring because they can be simply wrapped around your waist (and serve as an accessory) when it’s hot out, but they will also keep you warm when the temperature suddenly drops. After all, you can never predict the spring weather in Baltimore. 

Alternatively, Spring Fair is the perfect time to wear a kimono. You can throw it over a simple dress or T-shirt for an effortless day to night look. 

Pro tip: It is always a good idea to wear a fanny pack or belt bag so that you have a secure place to keep your valuables and don’t have to give them a second-thought.

Plus, this will mean your hands are free, so you’re ready for all the yummy food and drinks. 

Getting sunburnt is never cute or fashionable, so make sure to use a lot of sunscreen (fingers crossed it will be sunny this weekend!) to protect your skin.

I hope that you find that this fashion guide gives you some inspiration going into this weekend. I look forward to seeing how some of you take these tips and make them your own, because at the end of the day, fashion is all about being true to yourself and your own sensibilities. So whatever you choose to wear, do so with confidence and have a blast this Spring Fair weekend.

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