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November 28, 2023

Editorial: An intersectional take offers a fresh perspective

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD | October 26, 2017

Throughout the past month, the Students for Environmental Action (SEA) and Hopkins Feminists have come together to discuss and highlight the intersection between feminism and environmentalism through weekly themed tabling events.

Last Monday, the groups paired up to illustrate how environmentalism and safe sex connect. For example, they promoted using reproductive products from environmentally-conscious manufacturers and understanding the environmental effects of child birth.

Although not evident at first glance, these links are creative and unique, especially because the environment and sex are highly relevant parts of our lives. The events hosted by these two student groups also serve as a reminder that our social issues are not singular: everything has a connection. As such, when analyzing any given topic, one should keep in mind that societal problems are multi-faceted

The Editorial Board commends SEA and Hopkins Feminists for taking the lead in hosting these innovative events. We believe that approaching issues from different standpoints is crucial to gaining a more holistic understanding and engaging a larger segment of the student body. We also appreciate that SEA and Hopkins Feminists chose to focus these events on particularly relatable issues, namely sex and the environment.

To facilitate the growth of intersectional discussions on campus, we encourage all student groups to work on ways to collaborate and discover new ways of understanding their interests.

Student groups are one of the University’s greatest assets and when working together they can reach a wider audience and approach issues from a fresh perspective.

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