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January 21, 2022

Charmed by Charm City: exploring Baltimore

By HANNAH MELTON | September 8, 2016


QUIIRBINU/CC-By-SA-4.0 Mobtown Ballroom in Pigtown hosts many events, including circus classes, swing and salsa dancing.

I love weekends in Baltimore. I wake up full of excitement for a day chock full of “activities,” as I like to call them. Yes, I am an adult. When I wake up on Monday my wallet is a bit lighter and my Venmo account is way further in the red, but it’s always worth a few days of off-campus fun. Last weekend was a special one, as my boyfriend was visiting from out of town. Next time you have a friend coming to stay or a relative to entertain, check out these Baltimore must-dos.

Friday night, find something new to do. A favorite of mine is usually dancing at Mobtown Ballroom: $20 gets you and a friend in for an hour-long lesson and then an evening full of dancing. Learn a little bit about Lindy Hop swing style and then have a blast trying to keep up with the band for the night. The older couples there are always incredibly graceful and fun to watch. If an older attendee asks you to dance, always say yes. You will look like a master without having to do anything.

Saturday night options are endless. If you really want to splurge, Fogo de Chao in the Inner Harbor is a dining experience to impress. As a pescetarian, it’s not my eatery of choice, but for my meat-eating boyfriend it was paradise. He enjoyed a dozen different meats made in the Brazilian style, all paraded around the dining room for you to taste at your delight. If you don’t want meat, the salad bar is actually incredibly delicious and full of filling, nutritious options. The marinated mushrooms and asparagus-parmesan soup were especially awesome. (They also had smoked salmon!) Save Fogo de Chao for when family comes on a special occasion. Dinner for two will leave you at least $100 in the hole, worth it if you want to treat someone special. Save a little by taking the Charm City Circulator’s Purple Line all the way down to the Harbor.

On Sunday mornings, join the hordes of Baltimoreans doing it right by indulging in brunch. (Boozy, if you’re over 21.) Again, take a free ride on the Purple Line. This time get off in Mount Vernon and head to City Cafe, just a few blocks off St. Paul. With beautiful seating inside or out, you’ll find a range of classic brunch dishes that come sized to fit tighter budgets and big spenders alike. If you’re 21, the 16 ounce mimosas are a steal at $8, and the orange juice is freshly squeezed. Any of the poached egg dishes are sure to impress, and the waitstaff refills your coffee with generous frequency. As a bonus, they bring you complimentary cinnamon rolls while you wait for your food to arrive. Be sure to make a reservation before you head out; It’s a popular spot!

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