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Campus phrase book: Learn the Hopkins lingo

By KAREEM OSMAN | September 1, 2016

The Beach

Hate to break it to ya, but we’re a ways away from Ocean City! Our beach is actually a large, usually well-maintained body of grass in between Charles St. and the library. Chill out here during the early fall.

Char Mar

The Charles Street Market, a “char”ming mini-market, begging to soak up your Dining Dollars. Situated between Wolman Hall and the Charles Apartments, go there for quality subs, niche snack foods or even bottles of rubbing alcohol.


The Student Health and Wellness Center. Its name refers to the usually long wait times endured there. It remains the place to go for free condoms and hand sanitizer so pay a visit – well or unwell!


Brody Learning Commons has served as a social, group-focused extension of the library for a good number of years now. Frequently referred to as the social hub of campus, its former nickname ‘BroCo’ has been further adapted to reflect the, dare I say it, more fun atmosphere.

The Jimmy

The Jimmy/JHMI/JustGetMeBackToCampusAlready is a convenient, Hopkins-run bus line that connects the Homewood, Peabody and Medical Campuses. Ride it to Penn Station during your Inner Harbor and Washington, D.C. trips.

Ronnie D

No, we don’t have a Jersey Shore star GTL’ing it up around campus. Ron Daniels is the well-loved president of Hopkins. He is a Hopkins patriot and selfie magnet. Ronnie D frequents sporting events and cares about maintaining an open relationship with the student body.

The Breezeway

Analogous to the Suez or Panama Canals, the Breezeway is the principle connection between the upper and lower quads. Tolls include the odd club/event flier shoved in your face with a beaming smile. My recommendation? Take them in stride.


The deepest, darkest level of the MSE library, D-level has a reputation for inducing “stuDy fever” in frequent customers. You can diagnose it in seconds when you receive an acidic glare while unceremoniously bustling about. They also say there is a “challenge” to be faced down there.

Hop Cop

Our knights in shining armor, the Hop Cops keep watch night and day to ensure the safety of the student body. If you ever feel alone and afraid wandering back from that formal that  turned sour, don’t think twice about asking for an escort home.

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