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Intersession fee limits exploration

November 8, 2013

Fall tuition for 2013 was $22,735, up from the $21,965 from last fall. Together those numbers represent a 3.5 percent increase in the total cost of tuition, compared with an inflation rate of  around 1.2 percent from 2012-2013. While Hopkins students have become used to accepting this yearly increase — as have students at other universities around the country — another additional fee was tacked on to the cost of education this year. The University recently added a $250 Intersession fee for Academic Exploration courses. While some classes do not charge this fee, the overwhelming majority do.

The Editorial Board believes that these fees reflect a complete disregard for the students of this University and represent an attack on those that do not have the financial resources to afford the additional fees. Moreover, the Editorial Board disagrees with the lack of transparency surrounding the decision to impose the Intersession fee.

Instead of explaining the new charge for Intersession in an email or another form of public disclosure to students, Hopkins made no announcement about the policy. Rather, as students went to explore the Intersession web page, they discovered on their own that this fee existed.

Intersession has always been a significant selling point for the University. It is one of the unique aspects of Hopkins and one that consistently appears in advertisements and presentations to prospective students. Intersession courses are a fantastic opportunity to explore a subject outside your major or outside your comfort zone. The increased cost will discourage students — particularly those who can not afford it — from taking Intersession courses, even though the University should be doing everything it can to encourage students to take these courses. The additional fee is unnecessary and works contrary to Hopkins’ commitment to providing its students with a well-rounded and fun educational experience.

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