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December 3, 2022

SGA emails leaked from inside

By ASHLEY EMERY | April 4, 2013

An unidentified SGA Senator leaked emails containing private correspondences regarding Voice for Life v. JHU SGA from within the SGA Listserv to a non-SGA member. This member then forwarded these emails to both the Editors-in-Chief of The News-Letter and Voice for Life President Andrew Guernsey through an anonymous account on March 27.

SGA Executive Vice President Alex Schupper emphasized that the SGA email account was not hacked, but that the Senator is responsible for information spreading.

“The general consensus is that the Senator did not act maliciously, but that the Senator put forward the email to someone and then that person sent it out [to The News-Letter and Guernsey]. We currently do not know who the Senator is, but we have addressed the issue and consequences will be taken when the Senator is identified,” he said.

Freshman Class Senator and Co-Counselor in Voice for Life v. JHU SGA Kyra Toomre explained that SGA did not anticipate this information being made public.

“Like any other LISTSERV that any other Hopkins individual has, we all think that communications are just within ourselves. This breach of security not only hurt our trust within the Senate, but caused a lot of problems within the case that were taken out of context,” she said.

Despite the official SGA website recently being hacked by an unknown infiltrator, who replaced official content and documents with advertisements for Cialis, a popular erectile dysfunction medication, and this email linking, Schupper maintains that SGA resources are secure.

With regard to the resources and technology of SGA, the Listservs are completing intact and are only accessible by Senators, Executive Board members, Dean Boswell and Rob Turning. They are under the highest amounts of Hopkins IT security,” he said.

The top message in the email featured an executive member linking to an article from Think Progress about Towson University’s White Student Union conducting nighttime patrols.

“This has overcomplicated the case as others have information that they should not have seen,” Schupper said.

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