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April 16, 2024

Partial SGA Executive Board revealed

By Rian Dawson | April 18, 2013

Due to a pending appeal before the Student Government Association (SGA) judiciary committee about the decision of the Committee on Student Elections (CSE) to disqualify a candidate, the official results of the SGA Executive Board elections have not been released to the student body.

CSE chairperson, senior Michael Wu, however, confirmed in an email to The News-Letter  that next year’s executive board members will consist of junior Alex Schupper as president, sophomore Janice Bonsu as vice president and freshman Kyra Toomre as secretary. The outcome of the position of treasurer will be announced pending the outcome of the judiciary’s decision.

“At this point, things are beyond the control of the CSE,” Wu wrote. “Our adviser, Director of Student Activities Rob Turning, and the CSE have finished counting up the votes. However, appeals regarding CSE’s decision to DQ a candidate are currently ongoing and the judiciary is the one holding up the process. Dean Boswell, Rob Turning, and the Committee on Student Elections are waiting for the judiciary to make its decision before releasing all the results to the whole school to avoid confusion and clogging up students’ inboxes.”

Though the student body hasn’t received any emails, over the weekend the winners took to their Facebooks to announce the results.

“Regarding Facebook statuses, we did announce the winners of the positions that are not in question to all the candidates who participated in the 2013 executive election via a congratulatory email,” Wu wrote.

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