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December 2, 2021

Hey pro-choice protesters, put your clothes back on

By SOPHIA GAUTHIER | April 18, 2013

Political activism is a poor excuse to take your top off — just in case that was unclear.

Sure, tell me about the merits of pro-choice. I believe that both sides of the issue raise legitimate points.

But please put your boobs back in your bras. You’re standing half-naked on a street corner, and as an advocate of the anti-sex trafficking campaign, I’m saddened and disgusted. Your attire, or lack thereof, is unrelated to your message.

This demonstration was poorly executed and poorly timed. It was Spring Fair, and that means there are families with young children on campus and parents who shouldn’t have to worry about censoring the scenery on their way to the funnel cake stand.

You talk about empowering women and then strip yourself of all dignity along with half of your clothing.

Look, if you want to protest, by all means, protest. I get it, Voice for Life just got a Student-Activity-Commission-approved voice for life, and you want to speak up, too. Show me some facts and educated arguments. Hand out flyers with literature on the issue. There are classy ways to make a statement.

But if you want people to take you seriously, put your clothes on and argue with your mind. Unexplained accusations and electrical tape on your nipples scream, “Desperate!” rather than “Pro-choice!”

Giggling and yelling, “T*tties at twelve!” also creates the impression that you think the issue of abortion is a joke.

Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed.

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