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April 23, 2024

xoxo Hopssip Girl: Amanda Bynes has officially lost her mind

By Ellen Brait | March 28, 2013

In case anyone has been living under a rock for the past few days, I must inform you that Amanda Bynes has lost it. Her Twitter has become the ultimate source of unending entertainment.

The matter started in a fairly non-threatening manner. She tweeted to the world that she planned to retire at the young age of 24. However, her fans had nothing to worry about as shortly following this she tweeted out “i’ve unretired”.

From there, things have gone downhill. Her tweets have ranged from “I want @drake to murder my vagina” to “He’s Rocking That Incest Face” to “Looking pudgy and I broke my nail #GirlProblems”.

She has also reportedly been seen wandering the streets with a t-shirt over her face. No, you did not read that incorrectly. The t-shirt is over her face. I think it’s safe to assume from her tweets that she’s not wearing the t-shirt that way just to make a fashion statement. Not an intentional one, anyway.

She was seen wandering around Times Square (not the ideal place to not be seen) with a large shirt draped to “hide” her face.

Because of all this, the questions arise: “Why is Amanda doing this? Why is she acting completely crazy?” It is especially surprising as there is no past behavior like this at all. There has been great speculation as to her reasonings.

Some think that she has simply been pushed too far and has lost it. I personally believe it might be a publicity stunt of some kind.

There’s no doubt that all eyes are now on Amanda. I’m sure she’s gained numerous followers on Twitter as a result of her recent activities and the paparazzi has been more keen than usual to snap a picture of her.

Although, one of her recent fantastic tweets did ask them to “Please don’t take paparazzi pictures of me I like taking my own”. The tweet was accompanied by a hilarious picture of the star flaunting her stuff on the street.

Sorry, Amanda, but if you post raunchy tweets all over the internet and generally act like a crazy person, the paparazzi are going to take pictures of you. Lesson number one of being famous. Maybe she didn’t read her instruction manual carefully enough.

This article might give off the false impression that I am not an Amanda Bynes fan. In fact, I really am! I just wish she would calm down a bit and remember the good old days of She’s the Man, What I Like About You, Hairspray, and The Amanda Show. As a loyal fan of the fabulously cheesy chick flicks she used to produce, I just want her to examine her life for a minute. It takes only a few false steps to head down a terrifying path. A path we’ve seen many stars head down before (*cough* Lindsay Lohan *cough*).

As much as I hope she realizes the ridiculousness of her actions, if not, there’s always the fun the public will get if she doesn’t. Don’t even pretend you all haven’t been as entertained by her tweets over the past few weeks as I have.

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