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May 30, 2024

Headliner announcement brings mixed reactions

By John Durovsik | February 28, 2013

Grouplove, a Los Angeles-based band, will be the headlining act at this year’s Spring Fair, the Spring Fair Music Committee announced last Friday.

The band describes themselves as “indie-alternative” and is best known for their songs “Tongue Tied,” “Colours” and “Itchin’ on a Photograph.”

“Grouplove was selected through a group decision process between Spring Fair and The Hop.  They are a well-known band that we believe will bring a great show to this year’s festival,” the Spring Fair Music Committee wrote in an email to The News-Letter, speaking collectively. “[The band] will be the headliner of our nighttime concert, which is often cited as the biggest event during the fair.”

Student reactions to the announcement have been mixed, with some students citing unfamiliarity with the band as the main cause for disapproval.

“I don’t really know who they are, so I can’t really say that I would attend one of their shows,” sophomore Jenna Santoro said, echoing the student body’s widespread concern.

“I’m not interested in going to see Grouplove. I have never heard any of their songs and I don’t really want to hang out with everyone that has been on D Level all year,” sophomore Michelle Court-Reuss said.

Spring Fair staff discredited these concerns.

“As a member of the Spring Fair staff, I’m a little tongue-tied about this, but I am really excited,” freshman Gen Crawford said, responding to the feedback surrounding Grouplove’s selection. “Our music committee worked really hard and I am glad that they found someone that everyone at Hopkins can appreciate.”

Some students expressed excitement about the concert, viewing it as an opportunity to expose themselves to the band’s music.

“I think it was an interesting choice seeing that they only have one song that people know,” freshman Dexter Zimet said. “But I am excited to get to know their other songs.”

Regardless of the band’s reception, the Spring Fair staff encouraged students to view the weekend holistically.

“Spring Fair is known among students as ‘the best weekend of the year’ and is something to look forward to every spring semester,” the Spring Fair Music Committee wrote in the email. “Over the years, we hope to continue to provide fun weekend activities for students to participate in and enjoy.”

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