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April 16, 2024

Families flock to Hopkins campus

By Olivia Spector | October 25, 2012

Hopkins commenced their annual Family Weekend this past Friday, Oct. 19.

The weekend hosted events including guided tours of the BMA, sporting events, musical performances and the opportunity for families to attend classes and information sessions.

“I think it’s been great, a lot of good events to attend,” Janet Griffin, mother of sophomore Steven Griffin, said. “This year there are far more events on campus than last year, such as sporting events, plays, and the symphony orchestra concert.”

The weekend provided families with the chance to experience undergraduate life at Hopkins. After registering at the Glass Pavilion on Friday morning, students and their families could choose to explore events ranging from Parents’ College to a Historic Homewood Art Walk.

On Friday evening, Hopkins hosted a question and answer session with the deans, followed by a reception with faculty and administrators.

The deans provided an overview of student life at Hopkins.

The deans present at the event included Dr. Nick Jones, Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering; Dr. Ben Vinson, Vice Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences; Mr. Josh McIntosh, Dean of Academic Services; and Dr. Susan Boswell, Dean of Student Life.

Several families viewed interacting with the deans, who directly influence undergraduate daily life, as one of the weekend’s highlights.

“The dean’s presentation on Friday was excellent,” Trish and Michael Wilke, the parents of freshman Peter Wilke, said.

“It was very helpful and informative in understanding what’s going on on campus,” Ken and Stefanie, freshman Yitzi Snow’s parents, said.

The Sterling Brunch served as another highlight of Family Weekend. The all-you-can-eat buffet was held in the Fresh Food Cafe on Sunday. The Sterling Brunch is a trademark Hopkins event hosted twice each semester.

“I thought it was very nice to see all  of the families together,” freshman Evan Mitchell said.

Junior Kimmy Hilson felt that the Sterling Brunch consisted of the University putting on a show for the families.

“The Sterling Brunch definitely gives the parents a different view of the school when they see things like that,” Hilson wrote in an email to The News-Letter.

Families enjoyed coming to Homewood to visit. Sharon Gigliotti embraced the opportunity to see her son in school.

“All of Matt’s friends seem well adjusted, everything is very positive,” Gigliotti said.

Gigliotti and Jane Griffin, another Hopkins parent, commented on the serious nature and intense work ethic of Hopkins students compared to their collegiate experiences.

“The student body was a lot less serious about school, especially in the freshman class, when I was an undergraduate,” Gigliotti said. “They take the workload very seriously.”

“Students seem very serious here,” Janet Griffin said. “Not as party-oriented as some schools.”

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