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February 21, 2024

Apple’s iPhone 5 launches with new features

By Alice Hung | September 13, 2012

Rumors about the new iPhone 5 seemed endless for the past couple years. After Apple lovers got past the disappointment brought on by the release of the iPhone 4S in place of the iPhone 5 last year, their imagination and excitement about the magical iPhone 5 only heightened. Fortunately, Apple seems to have lived up to the expectations with the recent unveiling of the iPhone 5.

Fans asked for a thinner and lighter phone, but they also wanted more features — a larger display, faster processor, newer features! They envisioned all the wonderful characteristics of the godly device, but left the hard part to the engineers. It seems, however, that Apple was able to cram all the goodies into a remarkably slim design.

The new iPhone 5 measures just 7.6 millimeters in depth, and weighs only 112 grams. To make the device smaller like consumers wanted, Apple engineers used a nano-SIM card as opposed to the 44 percent larger micro-SIM. Moreover, the company decided to combine the voice chip and data chip into one. Shrinking and packing, the company was able to trim down the iPhone, making it 5 to 20 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner than its predecessor.

Although the hardware became smaller, the features only improved. The new camera, for instance, has improved low-light and new panorama modes. The color saturation also shows a 44 percent increase. With all the new changes, Apple tops it off with a powerful A6 processor, making it twice as fast as the previous iPhone 4S.

With all these additions and improvements, an understandable concern is the increased amount of power required, resulting in shorter battery life. However, the new iPhone’s battery life actually exceeds that of the iPhone 4S. In fact, it will be able to support eight hours of talk time or 225 hours standby.

The display itself is also increased in size, despite the thinning of the hardware as a whole. Moreover, the Retina display increases the sharpness of the images, adding to the overall quality of the graphics.

Color-wise, the iPhone 5 is available in either slate and black, or silver and white, as the exterior is made of glass and aluminum and accommodates the LTE radio. If your carrier has their 4G network deployed, get ready for even faster web browsing.

T-Mobile loses out though, as Apple does notplan to expand coverage to new carriers in the U.S. beyond AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. There is also a new dock connector, called Lightning, for the iPhone 5 that uses half the pins of the older dock connector common to current Apple devices. Fear not if you have speakers or other accessories that use the dock with the old connectors, Apple plans on selling adaptors.

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