Private firms stimulate U.S. economy while fighting global poverty

Since 1990, nearly 1 billion people have been released from the chains of extreme poverty. The poverty rate among developing countries has fallen to 20.6% in 2010, from 43.1% in 1990.  This remarkable achievement is being applauded around the globe as a major accomplishment for the governments and international agencies which developed the Millennium Development […]

Finding inspiration from our favorite blogs

As our suede Jeffrey Campbell lace-up booties step onto Homewood for yet another semester of changes and new experiences, we hopelessly undergo the desire for self-reinvention that plagues us at the onset of every school year. Our vibrant introspections and self-explorations propel us to conclude that the first step to redefining ourselves should naturally involve […]

Pop-up shops help fashion brands pop

As consumers continue to build resistance to traditional advertising in response to the excess advertising clutter that plagues public and private spaces, fashion brands have proceeded to devise innovative guerrilla marketing tactics aimed not only at capturing attention and creating positive word-of-mouth advertising, but at drawing this positive buzz into the realm of social media, […]

Bringing NYFW to your winter wardrobe

As much as we absolutely dread the post-New York Fashion Week-stress-syndrome that consumes us when we’re left to bid adieu to American fashion for the remainder of the season, we must admit that being able to look back, extract our favorite trends, and incorporate them into our fashion vocabulary is our guilty pleasure. This past […]

DANNIJO brings fierce femininity to NYFW

As New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 made its highly anticipated visit this past week, we were expectedly delighted by the sights of Jill Stuart’s funky interpretations of the little black dress, Ruffian’s tapestry-printed dresses and ruffled collars (inspired by Petrus Christus’ 15th century portraits), and Rebecca Taylor’s assemblage of minimalist menswear-inspired pieces.  But although […]

Balancing the runway and your wardrobe

When it comes to sartorially expressing oneself, there are two tactics that the strategic enthusiast employs.  First, she identifies her charming quirks and current fascinations, and collects statement pieces capable of highlighting her unorthodoxy.  These items may include –but are not limited to—leather fringed batwing tops, white hexagonal shades, and lace-up platform booties decorated with […]

“Cheap chic” is not so cheap — or chic

Economic uncertainty has a way of forcing our most beloved high-end designers into a fierce survival mode. Our current economic downturn has resulted in business actions that have fortunately placed high fashion within the reach of the broke (but incredibly fashionable) college girl without sacrificing brand image, but it has also resulted in concerning business […]

Defeating the frustrations of fall fashion

Sometimes, transitions are difficult.  They are especially so when they involve relinquishing my sky-high floral platforms to a horrid Rubbermaid bin labeled “Fall,” and bringing out my now-foreign fur coats, studded leather boots, and cashmere sweaters. And it’s not that I don’t absolutely adore my fur and cashmere; it’s just that when it comes to […]

The aesthetic meets the eccentric at Japan Fashion Week 2013

As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo came to a close three weeks ago, we fashion enthusiasts were predictably left with two thought-provoking tasks: interpreting what in the world it was that we had just witnessed, and equipping ourselves with enough understanding so that we could then properly appreciate the thrillingly unconventional Japanese approach to fashion. These […]

Sama’s Isa Arfen will make minimalism a major hit in S/S 2014

Imagine waking up in a warm, sunlit room on a Sunday morning in June.  The crystalline light and invigorating summer warmth radiate through the windows, enveloping you.  Barefoot, you drape yourself in a white linen button-down top and a dewy pastel-yellow pocketed bell skirt, as you draw in the fresh morning air.  You feel easy, […]