Falling asleep in movies: my bad habit

I have a problem — a very real, pressing problem — with falling asleep. Always. In any position: seated, standing, leaning casually against a doorframe. No matter the temperature of the room or the volume of the environment; no matter how socially acceptable sleeping may or may not be, a tired Lily (though let’s be […]

Self-representations and how to reconcile them with the truth

Hear your voice on tape, or watch your face on screen, and it’s alien. Unnerving. Disturbing. The few, unfortunate times in my life I’ve had to sit back and listen to the sound of my own awkward voicemail message, I have felt the same ear-trembling pain that comes with nails on a chalkboard. But it’s […]

Party culture and the stress of Hopkins

It’s a typical Friday at Hopkins. Sleep-deprived undergraduates join in a collective sigh of relief as they take shelter in the brief two-day buffer that separates them from the overwhelming amount of work that plagues every single student “privileged” enough to attend this hub of higher learning. They shake off their shoes, sink in their […]

Words of wisdom: keep calm and platitude on

I remember when I was in high school, and “Keep Calm and Carry On” became a thing. Like, a plastered-on-your-wall, written-on-your-sweaters, embroidered-on-your-pincushions level THING. One moment my peers were stressed and angsty, and the next they were placated, professing that everything will be okay. Keep calm and carry on, Lily. I really didn’t get it. It […]

(Excessive) drugs, (anal) sex, and (ridiculous) rock ‘n’ roll abound in “Get Him to the Greek”

On the heels of 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes the spin-off Get Him to the Greek, which features the same rocker Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) and his one foot on the wagon, and one foot way, way off the wagon antics. In Sarah Marshall, Aldous had begun dating the titular character and, being seven months […]

While Democrats might be in trouble in other parts of the country, Maryland should not be a problem

Maryland has long been a Democratic stronghold. Since 1960 the state has supported the Democratic presidential candidate ten times while only voting for the Republican candidate three times. In 2008 Barack Obama defeated John McCain by a margin of 25.4%, one of his largest margins of victory. Maryland’s House of Representatives delegation of eight currently has […]

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