Rally demands equal access to college for ex-convicts

2 Responses to "Rally demands equal access to college for ex-convicts"

  1. John   October 12, 2017 at 11:44 am

    I guess you don’t have true diversity until you potentially let convicted rapists, murderers, and pedophiles on campus!

    Seriously, how would you feel if you had the guy next to you in class who was involved in the curb stomping death of Hopkins worker Zach Sowers? One guy involved in that despicable murder was released from prison in less than 10 years and was still in his 20s, yet campus liberals would argue that he should have access to college campuses in MD? What a bunch of lunacy.

    I understand the need for people with criminal records to be able to break free from their past. A compromise could be made where they could earn degrees remotely online. Just because one example exists of where a guy earned a degree with a criminal record to become a professor doesn’t mean it is the norm. People are going to seriously argue that admins shouldn’t be aware that they are potentially giving admission to someone with a hard and violent criminal record? I don’t really think we should be bending over backwards for a small crowd of applicants. There are plenty of other people who apply to schools whom have never broken the law.

    “You should not be judged on your past convictions as long as it is not threatening the safety of the campus,” she said.”

    Yeah and how are you supposed to be able to do that if you can’t determine a person’s criminal past? This article is filled with woeful liberal dross.

  2. Mur   October 12, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    John you are jumping to extremes, people with a criminal history are not all rapists and murders. People in poverty must sometimes resort to theft and have faced struggles many cannot even imagine. People can be wrongly imprisoned or have committed crimes in their youth. Having the ability to apply and attend a four year college is a luxury that when desired should be within reach for all.
    Equal access to education is not “liberal dross” it’s is equal rights which is something all Americans should be able to agree on (although I supposed that has come into question in the recent election).


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