Who holds RAs accountable for their jobs?

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  1. James   September 10, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Tommy Koh probably rarely puts in effort to go to RA held events, and I doubt he makes any suggestions as to programming he or his roommates would like to see in place that could attract the to RA events. Further, Tommy should attend RA trainings and weekly meetings.

  2. OnceWasTheShushLady   September 10, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Working in an environment where one feels like they are doing their job at or above what is expected while cohorts are performing poorly or worse, putting a program, an employer or lives at risk from their behavior is something many have and will continue to face. I can’t speak specifically for Mr. Koh, but I’ve found that lamenting that the leadership should already know all the issues and have an instant cure is wishful thinking. An under performing peer is probably best served by help from someone that is having success. I hope Mr. Koh and other “good” RAs take/took the time to offer advice on how they have managed to get their residents involved in community building programming. RAs drinking and/or hooking up with residents should be reported by their peers. That is harder than it sounds, but something we all quickly expect from persons in other professions. The administration can’t correct a problem they don’t know has happened.
    What methods are in place for RAs to share what has worked for them? What method is in place for RAs to report detrimental behavior?


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