The Playoff committee made the wrong call

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  1. Sam Butler   October 7, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    You aren’t ranking teams right. You are taking only one data point here and there to make your argument.

    First off, if the 3 teams are Mich, OSU, and PSU, they all went 1-1 against each other so any one head to head doesn’t matter any more. They all beat Wisc so remove that game too. Also, who cares about the games against truly inferior opponents unless you lose so everyone gets equal credit there and move on.

    OSU beat @ Okla and Neb with no other losses
    PSU beat Iowa and Minn with a loss to 4 loss Pitt
    Mich beat Col with a loss to 4 loss Iowa

    If winning a title somehow changes your overall resume then fine, PSU deserves in, but just looking at resumes in their entirety there’s no question OSU deserved in above those teams and I hate OSU


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