Portrayal of women in the media propagates sexism

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  1. Steve   February 12, 2015 at 1:43 am

    I have to say that the ONLY reason i am commenting is due to rage that everybody attacks disney for this kind of shit. You mentioned Ariel, Jasmine, and Meg. Ariel is a mermaid. Mermaids, in just about every film i have ever seen are topless! So i am actually GRATEFUL to them for giving her seashells so my kids aremt viewing breasts in one of their favorite cartoons. Also, you believe sexism caused Disney to dress Jasmine like that? Would you prefer she wear the traditional hijab or abaya covering every single part of her body including her face? Would you want our children growing up believing that women are not important enough to be recognized in public? Lastly, Meg. Really? Tell me. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GREEK STATUE OF A WOMAN THAT WAS FULLY CLOTHED??? I am just grateful that Disney didnt go traditional there and actually FULLY CLOTHED Meg. While we’re on the topic of Disney, may we take a moment to recognize how Disney has portrayed women as of late: Merida who doesnt need a prince to fight for her when he can do it herself; Tiana who doesnt just fall over a prince because he is wealthy and semi good-looking; Rapunzel who fights her way through the film as mauch as Fynn Rider does (In fact, flynn is the man in distress in this film as he is overpowered and tied up by Rapunzel in her tower and later in the film overpowered and tied up by the villainous twins); Elsa who not only describes that “you cant marry a man you just met” (breaking the disney mold) but her ever so popular tune LET IT GO describes breaking free from the worlds expectation and instead capitalizing on your talents and pursuing YOUR OWN COURSE (also in this film, the prince with the perfect hair and the perfect voice is the VILLAIN); how about the Incredibles? Mr. Incredible gets tangled up in some weird shit and again IS THE MAN IN DISTRESS and MRS Incredible has to save him!; Mulan? The FULLY CLOTHED WOMAN who saves China; the live-action Alice in Wonderland who is portrayed as aa free-thinking young lady with an imagination and a strong heart; i could keep going but honestly you should actually know what you are talking about before you just follow the crowd and attack Disney for this and that… Stupid. *Drops microphone*


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