Alpha Delta Phi on interim suspension

Vice Provost of Student Affairs Kevin Shollenberger announced in an email to students on April 13 that the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, also known as WAWA, has been placed under interim suspension after allegations of hazing and sexual assault.

IDEAL hosts discussion on campus free speech

Princeton University professor Keith Whittington and Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion Moses Davis discussed free speech on college campuses in Mason Hall on Tuesday. IDEAL, a student organization that promotes both nonpartisan and bipartisan civic engagement on campus, hosted the event.  ...




Penguins look to make history with three-peat

With the weather getting warmer and summer approaching, the ice has gotten red hot with the onset of the National Hockey League playoffs. With plenty of competition in the field vying for the coveted Stanley Cup, it truly is anyone’s guess as to who will get to carve their names in perhaps the most ...

Athlete of the Week: Jenn Su

On Thursday, April 12 the men’s and women’s decathlon and heptathlon athletes entered their first day of competition at the Mount Multis in Emmitsburg, Md. Throughout the two-day ...


My ranking of the top three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies

In honor of the seemingly next-level crossover event, Avengers: Infinity War, coming out next week, I’ve decided to reflect back on the preceding installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Launched in 2008 with the release of the game-changing Iron Man, the MCU currently includes 17 other ...

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