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March 1, 2024

Athlete of the Week: Callie Jones — Soccer

By CYNTHIA HU | October 4, 2021



Junior forward Callie Jones scored two of three goals against the Swarthmore College Garnets, leading Hopkins to yet another win.

Hopkins women’s soccer has been absolutely crushing this season so far, winning six of their seven games and tying one. On Sept. 22, the team played against the Swarthmore College Garnets at Homewood Field, winning 3-0. The Blue Jays are now all-time 29-3-3 versus Swarthmore. One of the stars of the game is this week’s Athlete of the Week, Callie Jones, a junior forward from San Francisco, Calif.

Jones scored two of the three goals, one in each half, leading Hopkins to a well-deserved victory. The News-Letter spoke with Jones about her thoughts on the game, the progress of the team and the team’s hopes for the future.

The News-Letter: The game was pushed back because of a lightning warning and it was pretty rainy throughout the game. How did that impact your playing and your mentality?

Callie Jones: We have had quite a few rain delays already, especially for practice. Since we are all so used to them at this point, they aren’t too mentally draining. We played some fun riddle games in the gym while we waited. Once it was time to go back on the field, we were ready to play ball.

N-L: You and Katie Sullivan are now tied for the most goals scored this season, with this game being your first multi-goal game. How do you feel about that?

CJ: I am so excited! This season is my first as a Hopkins soccer player, and it has been an absolute blast out there. [I’m] thankful to be on the field with such amazing teammates like Katie. She is absolutely incredible, and it has been so fun seeing her absolutely dominate our opponents as a freshman. 

N-L: Women’s soccer is currently 6-0-1. Is this where you were expecting to be at this time into the season?

CJ: We have been putting in a lot of work and time. The effort has made us such a close-knit team, which is a huge part of our success. We all want to win so badly for each other. The chemistry and dynamics are what I think set our team apart from others. Good things are coming!

N-L: After a pandemic impacted [the] season last year, what were some of the ways you and the team bounced back?

CJ: We truly are all so grateful to just be back playing soccer. As hard as the pandemic has been for everyone, we are trying our best to channel those emotions from such a difficult time into gratitude and passion. Our season means everything to us, and we have been making a lot of sacrifices to protect and ensure it.

N-L: Both as an individual and as a team, what are some of your short-term and long-term goals this season?

CJ: Every day, we start practice off with a short meditation in a group circle. I think that speaks volumes to our team culture. We are there to ground each other and create the most supportive, healthy environment possible. Our everyday goal as a team is to create just that. The long-term goal is pretty simple: Bring home a natty.

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