'21 Reflections

In a survey, The News-Letter asked seniors to reflect on their time at Hopkins and their hopes for the future. We compiled their responses here.


Where’s your favorite place to go in Baltimore?

“Hampden! It's got all the best shops — think Charmery, Hunting Ground, The Food Market. Plus, it has great memories for me: late-night ice cream runs, first tattoo, shopping trips... It’s one of Baltimore’s many charms.” 

-Lillian Kim, English and Writing Seminars

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What was the best class you took at Hopkins?

“Structure of the Nervous System, because Dr. Hendry is an absolute legend and an amazing teacher who really cares about his students.” 

-Nicholas Malloy, Neuroscience

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What advice do you have for next year’s incoming freshmen?

“You will get to where you need to be in your own time! Don't compare yourself with others, which is often easier said than done as Hopkins students love to keep busy and get involved in many clubs. But rather accept where you are and realize you are at Hopkins for a reason.” -Angel Zhao, History and International Studies

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What’s your favorite memory at Hopkins?

“Rushing from class to class, or midnight sessions at Brody. Basically everyone stressing together in unity.” 

-Shizheng "JJ" Tie, Environmental Health and Engineering

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