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The rise of athletes as political figures

Nowadays, it seems like politics is absolutely everywhere (we are in an election year, after all), but one of the most controversial collaborations often comes when our elected leaders leave the swamp and step into the turf; or vice versa, when our favorite athletes exit the court and stand at the pulpit. 

On being a sports fan

I don’t remember the first time I ever watched a sports game. I think it might have been Minor League Baseball when my family trekked to a local stadium when we lived in Pennsylvania. Or, it might have been watching the World Cup with my dad and my sister. 


What's wrong with Barbie?

For me, Barbie was vibrant and fun, while also surprisingly moving. I went to watch it with my mom, expecting a nostalgic movie about a doll I had owned as a child. But, Greta Gerwig tackled strong themes of patriarchy and feminism through Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s Ken.


Why we’re still keeping up with the royal family

Following the Queen’s passing in Sept. 2022, the official announcement on the royal family’s Twitter account became the most popular tweet of the week, receiving millions of likes. With over thirteen million Instagram followers, the Royal Family has accumulated a serious social media following.

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