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January 17, 2022


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Top 5 movies a college student must see

College is a highly scrutinized, ridiculed and caricaturized portion of the American experience, and rightfully so. It’s a strange phenomenon: thousands of people just entering adulthood coming together to learn, grow and let’s face it, party. This eclectic mix of seemingly discordant lifestyles that college students have simultaneously led for four years has fascinated filmmakers for decades. Thus, the “college movie” has become a genre of its own. Here are the top five ones you should watch, if you haven’t already, as a college student.

Undecided? Well, it’s time you made up your mind

The school year has begun, and I’m thrilled. Some people are excited to get out of their parents’ house and go back to being on their own. But I’m excited about classes. I’ve missed doing work.This first week, I was handed a math assignment and various worksheets for my language classes, and it was awesome. I’m trying to start this year out on the right foot. I’ve LaTeXed up my math lecture notes. (Don’t know what LaTeX is? Do you want to have your math homework printed? Check it out!) I’ve already started my homework. I have spent hours holed up in front of my computer, banging away at the keyboard to make pretty symbols appear on the screen. In fact, I was so absorbed in my work that I almost forgot to turn this article in.

Comedians are always a good thing

It is hard to talk about things you really like. You put yourself in a vulnerable place. To some, you seem childish. Why should anyone believe you if all you do is like things? Especially if you are excited about what seems like an absurd amount of information that you know about one specific thing or element?

A how-to guide on surviving and enjoying Hopkins

Four years later and Baltimore is still dripping, relishing the last throes of summer. Officially, I am a senior in college. That title has been a long time coming. I arrived as a freshman eager to plunge in to Hop’s high-level academics and Bmore’s flourishing music scene, and plunge I did. I took courses across disciplines, created my own major, and worked my way through the ranks to become the head of the campus radio station, WJHU. It is a great feeling, to be sure, but I find I am already beset by nostalgia; how few faces I recognize, how little time is left!

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