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August 12, 2022

Science & Technology

Scientists study waves to predict Indian monsoons

Harindra Fernando gave a talk titled “Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillations in Equatorial Atmosphere and Oceans” on Feb. 28 in Hodson Hall. The talk was sponsored by the Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics as part of their weekly seminar series and hosted by Rui Ni, an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at Hopkins. 

Alumnae give advice on salary negotiation

The Whiting School of Engineering invited panelists Anita Samarth and Laura Bossi to discuss salary negotiation for women in industry, as part of the event series Hopkins Engineers Week on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Math is a foundational and universal discipline

Mathematics — four syllables that evoke a wide array of emotions and responses. Many of these emotions that arise are rooted in high school experiences of extensive formula memorizing and glitching of graphing calculators. However, mathematics is not simply a list of trigonometric identities.

Researchers have yet to learn exactly how the coronavirus is spreading.

Bloomberg Professor answers questions about the coronavirus

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization officially named the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, “COVID-19”, which stands for Coronavirus Disease 2019. From now on, the novel 2019 coronavirus will be referred to as COVID-19.

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