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SGA launches "Transparency Project"

October 4, 2012

The Student Government Association (SGA) inaugurated its promised “Transparency Project” on Monday with a minute-long Internet video detailing what each executive officer has been working on over the past few weeks.

Baltimore: 29th best city to live in, Bloomberg says

October 4, 2012

In a recent study conducted by BusinessWeek, Baltimore was ranked among the 50 best cities in the United States for 2012. Based on data such as population size, educational attributes, economic status, crime rates, air quality and recreational activities, Baltimore was ranked 29th, roughly in the middle of the pack, with obvious cities such as New York, Boston and San Francisco, which took the number one spot, preceding it. Baltimore did not make the nation’s best city list by BusinessWeek in 2011, though the list was compiled using similar data.

Sophomore-run chocolate company sees growth

October 4, 2012

Hopkins sophomore Jamasen Rodriguez is well on his way to becoming the next big name in chocolate with his company, Jama Cocoa. Rodriguez founded the company in June 2011 and was soon joined by fellow classmates David Aaron White, Demilade Obayomi, Davik Orith and Shreyash Milak in the endeavor of making hand crafted chocolate truffles.

Information hacked from Hopkins databases

October 4, 2012

A collective of hackers calling themselves “Team Ghostshell” has claimed responsibility for the release on Monday of stolen data from servers hosted by numerous universities worldwide, including several web servers at Hopkins. According to Darren Lacey, the Chief Information Security Officer at Hopkins Information Technology (I.T.), the content of the leaked information makes it difficult to determine when the hackers accessed these servers, notably a server within the Hopkins Language Lab.

Faulty A/C sets off fire alarms in Charles Commons

October 2, 2012

Smoke from a faulty air-conditioning unit on the Charles Street side of Charles Commons prompted an evacuation of the building shortly after 4 p.m. today, Sergeant C.H. Benjamin III of Campus Safety & Security said. The evacuation lasted approximately 45 minutes before the building was reopened.

Sophomore runner dies at 19 of lymphoma

October 1, 2012

Rebecca Grande, a Hopkins sophomore and member of the women’s track & field and cross-country teams, died on Sept. 30 at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. She was diagnosed with lymphoma in February.

Development director headed to Ohio State

September 27, 2012

Michael Eicher, the Senior Vice President for External Affairs and Development whose fundraising efforts have amassed over $3 billion for the university since his arrival in 2006, will leave Hopkins for Ohio State University this November.

Data suggests little relation between major, employment

September 27, 2012

Surveys conducted by the Hopkins Career Center concerning how Hopkins graduates are faring in today’s jobs market show that 41 percent of the graduating class of 2011 found full time employment six months after graduating. Another 37 percent went on to graduate school or professional school. Of the remaining respondents, 9 percent had found part-time employment or were involved in unpaid volunteer work. This left 7 percent actively looking for work and 6 percent  actively applying to graduate programs.

Shush Lord begins reign with no issues

September 27, 2012

Jon Walter, Hopkins’s newest Student/Community Liaison, began his training this past weekend under the supervision of the beloved, outgoing liaison, Carrie Bennett. Walter patrolled campus both Thursday and Saturday nights.

After years of idleness, lot sees new plans

September 27, 2012

After approximately four years of owning the Olmstead lot, the barren plot of land between St. Paul and Charles on 33rd Street, Hopkins is beginning to discuss potential plans for the lot’s future development.

JHMI tweeter faces no University reprimands

September 27, 2012

On Sunday, Katie Moody, an employee at the School of Medicine and a Hopkins alumna, tweeted “Hey, Smith, how about you call your bro and tell him all about your wi—ohhhh. Wait. #TooSoon?” in reference to Baltimore Raven’s wide receiver Torrey Smith. The tweet came after Smith caught two touchdown passes in Sunday’s game against the Patriots which the Ravens won 31-30. Smith played in the game despite having found out that his younger brother, Tevin Jones, was killed in a motorcycle accident the night before.

Construction to enhance safety underway

September 27, 2012

Traffic on N. Charles Street was restricted to local and emergency vehicles only between 29th St. and University Parkway on Monday as part of the N. Charles Street Reconstruction project, which aims to increase pedestrian safety.The $28 million endeavor will last two years.