Proposed executive order to protect campus speech

March 14, 2019

President Donald Trump announced his plans to create an executive order which would protect freedom of speech on college campuses at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, March 2. The proposed executive order would remove federal ...

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Events in Baltimore this weekend: March 14-17

March 14, 2019

Thursday Drag Queen Bingo for Suicide Prevention Points South Latin Kitchen 7 - 9 p.m. Raise money for the Joshua York Legacy Foundation. Play bingo, eat, drink and hope to win a raffle basket. Free.

R. House stall White Envelope flips to On Top burgers

March 14, 2019

Last Friday evening, On Top made its debut in the former White Envelope space at R. House. The stall that used to sling Venezuelan arepas has transitioned into an American street food stand, serving burgers, hot dogs and fries.

On Top’s signature hot dog, Bullet the Blue Sky, shown with all the fixings.

Wax Atlas owner Andy Phillips hopes to help customers find new music.

Record store Wax Atlas puts new spin on old tunes

April 4, 2019

When you walk into the brand new Wax Atlas Record and Stereo Exchange on 22 W. 25th St., it feels like you are being transported to another time and place, entirely separate from what happens outside. There is classic rock music playing in the background, and it is hard not to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of records, cassette tapes and books placed carefully throughout the store. Right now the display includes The Beatles, Ghostface Killah and Madonna, to name a few. 

Making political action a Subtle Asian Trait

March 13, 2019

Subtle Asian Traits might be the biggest social media phenomenon you’ve never heard of. When a joke Facebook group started by a few Chinese-Australian high schoolers exploded to 1.2 million members within a few months, some people were bound to be left behind.


Noting the rise of Asian politicians like Andrew Yang, Fang hopes Asian-Americans will play a greater role in shaping U.S. politics.


Wu believes the House should take stronger action against Representative Ilhan Omar.

House anti-hate resolution fails the Jewish community

March 13, 2019

Last Thursday, the House of Representatives passed House Resolution 183 (H.R. 183), the “anti-hate” resolution condemning discrimination toward a wide variety of “traditionally persecuted peoples,” by an overwhelming majority of 407-23. 

How BIT has evolved to meet student needs

March 16, 2019

At Hopkins, every undergraduate student has the experience of sitting through five hours of Bystander Intervention Training (BIT) sessions during their freshman year. For the last four years, the University has mandated that students attend this training in order to better equip them to prevent forms of gender violence including sexual assault. 


Dean Lewis makes “Waves” on headlining tour

March 14, 2019

I came away from Dean Lewis’ concert having learnt three things. Firstly, that all the best artistic inspiration comes from spending time in London. Secondly, that diamonds are definitely made under pressure. And thirdly, that Dean Lewis’ voice is even more beautiful in real life than it is over Spotify, which is something I truly didn’t think was possible. 

Australian singer Dean Lewis performed at Union Stage on March 9.

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Univ. releases statistics on campus sexual violence

March 14, 2019

University officials released the results of the 2018 Campus Climate and Sexual Violence Survey on Friday. Provost Sunil Kumar and Vice Provost for Institutional Equity Kimberly Hewitt reported the survey’s principal findings in a schoolwide email about the University’s response to sexual misconduct. 

QB speculation aplenty ahead of the NFL Draft

March 21, 2019

With free agency now under way, the NFL’s quarterback landscape is beginning to take shape. The Joe Flacco and Case Keenum trades to the Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins, respectively, can be made official, and Nick Foles has signed a four-year, $88 million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

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Panel weighs alternatives to policing in Baltimore

March 14, 2019

Students Against Private Police (SAPP) and the Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts (BHPLA) co-sponsored a panel on alternatives to policing on March 7. The event took place a few hours after the Baltimore City Senate Delegation to the Maryland Assembly approved a bill that would grant Hopkins a private police force. BHPLA is an initiative to promote communication and create links between the Homewood Campus and historic black communities in Baltimore. 


M. Lacrosse bounces back from loss against Syracuse

March 14, 2019

Coming off back-to-back road victories against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tar Heels and the Princeton University Tigers, No. 18 Hopkins traveled to the Carrier Dome on Saturday to play the No. 13 Syracuse University Orange in a renewal of one of the game’s historic rivalries. 

W. Lacrosse extends win streak to four games

March 14, 2019

Another win for the Blue Jays as the women’s lacrosse team faced off against the Hofstra University Pride in New York on Saturday. In their sixth win of the year and their fourth consecutive win, Hopkins won 15-11. Impressive offensive performances by junior midfielder Mackenzie Heldberg and junior attackman Maggie Schneidereith led the way to a great team victory.

Junior attack Maggie Schneidereith earns Big Ten Offensive honors.

Athlete of the Week: Jack Bunting — Baseball

March 14, 2019

The Hopkins baseball team had its second consecutive 3-0 weekend this past weekend. The weekend started on Saturday with a doubleheader against the Elmira College Soaring Eagles. In the first game, the Blue Jays took advantage of a walk-off single by sophomore infielder Matthew Ritchie in the bottom of the 10th inning to win the opener. 

HIV occurrences had decreased form 2010 to 2013, but since then they have plateaued.

Reduced HIV incidence in the U.S. has stalled

March 14, 2019

A new report on the incidences of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the United States reveals that the decline in HIV infections has plateaued as the Trump administration reveals its intention to end the HIV epidemic by 2030.

Genetics might play a role in healthy marriages

March 14, 2019

The secret behind a successful marriage may be more than just passion. According to a new study, genetics may also play a role. Yale scientists found that a gene responsible for emotional stability may also predict marriage satisfaction. This may pave the way for a future study on how genetics can impact the quality of relationships over time.


Wrap up: the latest in technology...

March 14, 2019

Elizabeth Warren campaigns in New York City  Known as a strong critic of tech giants, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren recently held a campaign event in New York City, where the tech conglomerate Amazon was recently effectively pushed out. She gathered an audience of more than 1000 people who listened to her speak about “tech companies who think they rule the earth,” among other issues. Much of her plan is driven to protect the people’s interests and protect smaller competitors from tech monopolies. The official Democratic-presidential candidate’s policies would push existing tech giants to divest in their acquisitions. In addition, she would implement laws that limit a tech giant’s influence and participation in its own platform.