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September 30, 2023


Leisure is the section where we highlight the intriguing, exciting and all-around fun events and activities happening in Baltimore over the weekend.

Malik explores The Peale, the newly reopened community museum home to engaging exhibits and a beautiful outdoor garden.

The Peale highlights community care at its grand reopening

After five years of renovations, The Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture (the Peale) hosted its grand reopening on Saturday, August 13, celebrating its 208th birthday.  I had the privilege of visiting the Peale with HopkinsCORPS, the Center for Social Concern’s pre-orientation program.

Whether you're happy or sad that school is back, you should be excited to check out the wonderful events happening in Baltimore this weekend.

Events this weekend (Sept. 2 – 5)

Welcome back to school, Blue Jays! I hope your summer was restful and restorative, and I’m excited to continue sharing great events happening around the city with you. 

Maras reviews Kajiken, the newest restaurant around Homewood campus that fills the ramen-shaped hole left by PekoPeko Ramen.

Ramen rerun: Kajiken takes Baltimore by storm

The long wait is finally over; the dark interior where the PekoPeko Ramen used to reside has finally been illuminated again. Seniors, you might have felt some deja vu when you realized that we were once again getting a ramen place in the same storefront. However Kajiken has already set itself apart from its predecessor in terms of variety, price and flavor.

Shtarkman lauds Iggies for its commitment to a delicate balance of ingredients, which makes for a delightful and flavorful dinner.

Iggies Pizza concocts the perfect personal pie

You can never go wrong with pizza. Sure, fine pizza is fine, but great pizza is fantastic. I’ve been looking for great pizza in Baltimore for a long time. If you are like me, tired of gross, heavy pizzas and looking for a great pie, stop by Iggies Pizza on N. Calvert Street.

The Baltimore Mac and Cheese Festival, which features buffalo chicken empanadas, is one of the many exciting events students can anticipate in Baltimore this summer.

Events this summer (May — July)

Congratulations on getting through another semester, Blue Jays! I know it’s tough to think about the break with finals on the horizon. But if you’re staying in Baltimore for the summer, I’ve got some great events for you to check out.

Needleman sings the praises of the Taco Loco burrito, which brightens her every Saturday at the 32nd Street Farmers Market.

An ode to the Taco Loco burrito

I watch in awe as my favorite culinary team masterfully prepares my food. Hot oil and vegetables sizzle on the flat top grill until the onions are perfectly charred and the spinach begins to wilt. The veggies are transferred to an enormous tortilla along with Mexican rice, black beans, a mountain of cheese and a generous drizzle of ranchito sauce. 

Our Leisure Editor encourages you to sing your heart out at karaoke, see a fun concert or check out some standup comedy this weekend.

Events this weekend (April 22 — 24)

The sun is shining, your classes are wrapping up and the city is coming alive with more activities to enjoy! Check out these events before you say goodbye to Baltimore for the semester. 

Jiang reviews the many unique hotspots in the Station North neighborhood that students can check out, including The True Vine Record Shop. 

Station North is a hub of culture and community

Station North, a 10-minute bus ride from Homewood Campus, spans the neighborhoods of Charles North, Greenmount West and Barclay. Located in the middle of Baltimore, Station North received the state designation as an Arts and Entertainment District in 2002 from the Baltimore City government. Theaters, museums and arts centers line the streets. 

Maras provides tips and advice for students who may have worries about living without a meal plan and cooking for themselves.

How to cook for yourself while living off campus

After being thrust into the off-campus housing world a year earlier than I was expecting, I’ve had quite a bit of time to learn how to balance cooking for myself with the busyness of college life. With this in mind, I want to offer you some tips and tricks on how to minimize cooking stress while still enjoying delicious and nutritious meals. 

As the semester winds down, Maras encourages you to check out some exciting concerts and events around the city.

Events this weekend (April 14 – 17)

Could it be? Could we finally be entering the warmer Baltimore days we know and love? I won’t jinx it, but I will encourage you to enjoy it while it lasts by checking out these events. Try something new and exciting before you get too busy with finals. Trust me, your brain will thank you in advance. 

Don't miss the fun around Baltimore this weekend! Watch a new show, tour a new neighborhood or support a new local business.

Events this weekend (April 8 – 10)

It’s so exciting that we’re in the last month of classes! Hopefully, you get a quick post-midterms lull in your schoolwork, which gives you the perfect opportunity to check out some of the great events we have here. 

Andersson breaks down the best spots in Baltimore to bring your family, including restaurants, museums and Hopkins events.

The ultimate guide for when your family visits Hopkins

As the academic year nears its end and on-campus events pick up, Mom and Dad might be hinting at their next trip to Baltimore. While a visit from family comes with the benefit of free meals at real restaurants, you might find yourself worrying about how to fill the time in between. If that’s the case, keep reading for family-friendly activities that will please you, your parents and any siblings along for the ride. 

Thomas samples JBee’s Jamaican Me Crazy's Jerk Chicken Bowl, which she found delicious if overpriced. 

JBee's Jamaican Me Crazy delivers strong flavors but steep prices

An upscale version of a food court, Remington’s R. House features an eclectic mix of cuisines. Here, you’re able to enjoy both familiar fare like burgers, pizza and salads alongside more hard-to-find flavors of New Orleans soul food, Hawaiian poke bowls and Korean barbecue. An 11th stall called The Pop-Up serves as a launchpad for newcomers in the Baltimore culinary scene, with chefs taking over the space for about a week or month. 

As the first weekend of April comes around, find some time to visit a new museum or get outdoors. 

Events this weekend (April 1 – 3)

Welcome back from spring break, Blue Jays! I wish we could revel in the warm spring weather, but unfortunately Monday’s snow had different plans for us. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of fun happenings in the city this weekend that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Maras reviews the Baltimore Street Food Festival's many offerings, including the boneless buffalo wings and tater tots from Two Smooth Dudes.

The Baltimore Street Food Festival makes for a fun dinner excursion

The Power Plant Live! grounds were overtaken by food trucks and vendor stalls galore last weekend as the Baltimore Street Food Festival ensued. Over 18 vendors gathered to provide a smattering of culinary options to adults and children alike. Entry to the festival was $15 per person, and most food items were priced at $5 or less with a few exceptions.