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September 22, 2023

Statement on Rex T. Chao Article

By WILL KIRSCH | October 30, 2016

To anyone that read my tasteless, needless and generally horrible article on the 1996 murder of Hopkins student Rex T. Chao, I am extremely sorry. Making light of someone’s death in the context of Halloween was an idiotic and insensitive decision. I apologize for making light of a real life tragedy that had such a grave impact on the campus.

I can not really offer any reasonable justification; All I can say is that I am honestly very sorry I did it. Unfortunately, I can not change that it happened or get rid of it and while it should have been obvious to me that writing such an article was a mistake, I failed to understand that mistake earlier. I trivialized the death of another human being which is a horrible thing to do and I cannot apologize enough for that.

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