Fashion favorites at the Emmys

By Jesica Dawson Cheeky Weekend   The 64th Emmy Awards happened last Sunday. Now, some of you will ask, what’s an Emmy? Good question. An Emmy is an award for T.V. or, how I like to see it, a fake Oscar. Now, I’d love to tell you all the riveting detail and jokes that Jimmy Kimmel spewed out, […]

Local Musicians Take Stage at High Zero

This weekend Baltimore is host to the High Zero music festival. Showcasing “experimental, improvised music,” this event is premier in its genre. High Zero boasts a participant ratio of about one-half Baltimoreans, due mostly to the prominence of the city’s experimental music culture. Local Baltimore musicians range from Jeff Carey, who performs computer music, to […]

Many Animals Await At the Zoo

The last time I went to a zoo was ages ago. I’m from metro-Detroit, and the Detroit Zoo isn’t exactly near where I live. It’s a long haul and it requires a lot of planning. It requires a full day set aside, and it’s not exactly an on-a-whim kind of excursion. And because of all this, […]

Bands to take stage in Harbor East

Expect crowds at Harbor East Waterfront for this Saturday’s Charm City Music Festival. Popular Rock/Pop band Weezer will headline the impressive line-up. Having created music for nearly two decades, Weezer is known for its hits “Buddy Holly,” “Perfect Situation,” “Island in the Sun” and “Beverly Hills.” Its most recent album is 2010’s “Death to False […]

Hampdenfest a treat for visitors

While most of you were either studying or sleeping, I braved the hot Baltimore sun to attend Hampdenfest. Hampdenfest is a pretty vague term for most people, unless you know where Hampden is, and I hope you know what a fest is. First off, Hampden is neighborhood near campus with a kitschy and eclectic stretch […]

Walters Art Museum Events are B’more’s Hidden Treasures

If you  haven’t been to the Walters Art Museum recently, you may be surprised by the number and variety of programs that the museum consistently offers. There is always something for everyone: This weekend’s events include a well-loved tradition, the Jewelry Fair, and a Day of the Dead celebration. This is the seventh annual Jewelry […]

How to escape the Hopkins bubble: Volunteer in B’more

This week, I’m going off topic. Well, I’m going to desperately grasp at straws to make it a Baltimorean topic, but no promises. It’s really just a humanity thing. That thing is charity. We should all do it. I don’t care what Carlos Slim Helú says. It’s our duty as humans to help fellow humans. […]

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